MicroStrategy Web Presentation Mode Plugin

This is a MicroStrategy Web plugin providing you with control over the placement of your dashboards in the new Presentation Mode view introduced with MicroStrategy version 10.0. By default, dashboards in Presentation Mode view are centered horizontally and vertically. Using this plugin, you can control whether to anchor your dashboard to the left, to the top, or both. By default this plugin anchors the dashboards in the top-left corner, MicroStrategy 9.x style.

This plugin applies the style globally to all projects within MicroStrategy Web. If you want to apply different styles/preferences on a project-by-project basis, please contact us for information.

 [download id=”2463″]


To install and apply this customization in MicroStrategy Web, deploy the root plugin folder, GlobalStyle, to your MicroStrategy Web installation ..\plugins folder then restart your web application.

Example Tomcat Installation:

<tomcat installation directory>

Example IIS Installation:

<Windows installation directory, C:\Program Files (x86)>
….Web ASPx

Adjusting to your Preferences

In this plugin, the following customizations are applied:

Presentation mode top

oivmPage.css > .mstrmojo-DocLayout > top
– To remove and default to the MicroStrategy default behavior of vertical aligning center comment out this line.

Presentation mode left

oivmPage.css > .mstrmojo-DocLayout > left
– To remove and default to the MicroStrategy default behavior of horizontally aligning center comment out this line.